Frozen fruit smoothies for weight loss mirrors the results of fresh fruit ingredients. Imagine a cold winter's day. Orchards are barren, awaiting buds of renewal.   There is however a piece of nature preserved. The nutrients are intact. Exotic fruit  varieties are fresh from afar. Consider making a fruit smoothie from frozen fruit to help in weight loss goals.
Frozen fruit smoothies for weight loss berries image providing the same nutritional quality as fresh.

Anthocyanins Power Frozen Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

Anthocyanins are a powerful ally for weight loss battles. Freezing maintains their action. Organically grown berries still hold much of their nutrients as seen in their fresh form. Bright and colorful frozen berries are evidence of their anthocyanins – a phytonutrient responsible for the beautiful hues and specific health benefits.
The anthocyanins, a flavonoid found in blueberries, help fight disease because of their antioxidant properties. The red of strawberries act as anti-inflammatory agents, helping hormones involved in weight loss. Production of a protein hormone known as adiponectin rises with anthocyanins and so does metabolism.
Ideal fruits are local, in season and organically grown. However, this selection is limited by climate and the growing season.  Craving an exotic fruit can be pricey and devoid of nutrients in fresh form. On the journey from the plant to store shelf, the fruit can undergo detrimental changes. Once picked at harvest time, the fruit is subject to respiration. Loss of nutrients and moisture will occur, amplified by warmer air.  For example, Vitamin C in fresh fruit degrades due to heat, oxygen and exposure to light. Fruits such as berries, pineapples, grapes and figs will not continue the ripening process as would bananas and kiwis. Therefore, frozen fruit is an optimal choice, as the fruit will have been plucked from the plant at a time of its maximum ripeness and flash frozen.
To lose weight, use organically grown fruit. Its sweet taste is enough. Don't purchase those with added sugar. Count the calories. Fresh fruit and their frozen reflection are in the same caloric realm. A half cup of blueberries, either frozen or fresh is listed as 40 calories by the USDA.  Fiber content is 2.2 grams for frozen and 2 grams for fresh. Besides calories, convenience is also a key factor.  In the freezer, bioactive blueberries lend their phytochemical assistance at any time.
Blend Some Frozen Fruit

Blend a cup and a half of frozen blueberries, strawberries and black raspberries. Many stores carry this frozen medley.

Approximate nutrition:
Calories – 150.
Vitamin C – 90 percent.
Vitamin A – 15 percent.
Iron – 15 percent.
Fiber – 25 percent.

Frozen fruit smoothies for weight loss blender image showing a conventional model is effective.

A high-speed blender such as the Nutri-Bullet can handle icier ingredients. A conventional blender is still effective with slightly defrosted fruit.
Freezing extends the life cycle of fresh fruit. Frozen fruit smoothies for weight loss capture nutrition from lands far away or hibernating fruit plants of nearby growers.
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Frozen Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss