About Ionized Water                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Based on an article by Alderin Ordell, MA, ionized water can vastly improve your health with the power of natural oxygen, antioxidants and better preservation of nutrients from a raw foods diet.

A water ionizer, he explains, filters the water and electrolyzes the water with electrolysis.  Then, the water can be made either rich in hydrogen or acidic, depending on the setting.  One has control over the pH.

Plants will thrive with water from an acidic setting. The water is rich in acidic minerals like nitrates. Plus, harmful fungus and bacteria that plague plants can be killed.

Regarding drinking water, he claims that ionized water is better than bottled water because it is more alkaline. More acidic drinking water breaks down nutrients. Health problems like arthritis and high blood pressure are caused by oxidation and can cause cancer cells to grow. An important aspect of alkaline water is that it mimics the quality of water in natural streams, rich in minerals and antioxidants. Bottled water tends to lose energy, when the water molecules spread out potentially becoming contaminated with chemicals.

According to Alderin Ordell, MA, our bodies are restored and energized with a water ionizer. Water molecules are clustered to effectively hydrate our cells. The H+ level is raised to alkaline neutralizing stored acid and free radicals.  Hydroxyl ions are supplied for detoxification. The water ionizer helps one to achieve optimal health along with the benefits of a  raw foods diet. 


Ionized water