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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes Detoxify The Body

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes Cleanse Our Systems

healthy breakfast smoothie recipes image of fresh fruitHealthy breakfast smoothie recipes are a delicious way to help the body cleanse naturally. When creating a smoothie, include only natural ingredients and filtered water to help in detoxification. The best time for smoothies are in the morning. Studies have shown that the human body effectively rids itself of toxic elements between the early morning hours and noon. When toxins remain in the system, they cause a host of health problems such as weight gain and disease. 

The body was designed to heal itself. By including pure and natural ingredients in breakfast smoothie recipes, you are supplying the body with the proper nutrients to fight against toxins and disease. The body is trying to maintain balance or homeostasis. Poor eating choices and improper digestion can lead to toxic activity. This will disrupt the body's stabilizing efforts. The body needs to protect cells from toxins. If the immune system cannot get rid of the toxins, inflammation can occur.   The body will have to store remaining toxins away from cells.  One such storage area is in the fat cells. Ultimately this will lead to obesity.  If toxins happen to enter the cell, chemical reactions within the cell and even the DNA can be damaged. Organs and tissues will not function properly.  Diseases will take hold. 

healthy breakfast smoothie recipes image of pear for fiberFor healing and prevention, drink healthy breakfast smoothies recipes made primarily of fruit. Vegetables such as celery and lettuce can be added for extra nutrition. In the digestive process, fruit travels quickly to the small intestine and does not spend a lot of time in the stomach. The body does not use energy to digest the fruit. Instead energy is used for detoxification purposes. Also, fruit is equipped with its own digestive enzymes so the body does not have to produce enzymes to help break down food.

To further help with digestion and toxic build up, drink the smoothie on an empty stomach. According to food combining principles, when fruit is eaten after a meal with a high protein or carbohydrate content, there is a greater chance that the fruit will ferment or putrefy while waiting for the slower digesting protein meal to process. Hence, healthy breakfast smoothie recipes consumed on an empty stomach are ideal.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes With Citrus Fruits

Breakfast smoothie recipes made with raw fruit and vegetables contain a natural high content of water which is also important for removal of toxins. Fruit has other good qualities as well. In particular, citrus fruits and grapes help break up excess mucus which has built up  in the digestive tract. Fruits such as lemons, limes and grapefruit contain compounds known as liminoids which boost liver detoxification enzymes. By including the skin of fruit such as pears, the increased fiber content works towards flushing the colon of toxins.


healthy breakfast smoothie recipes image of grapes apple and citrus fruit


Try this smoothie as your sole breakfast meal to assist in detoxification and to provide essential nutrients. 

  • 1 Pear (include skin)
  • 1 Cup Grapes
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Fresh squeezed lemon
  • 1/2 Cup Crushed Ice

Begin the day with healthy breakfast smoothie recipes.  The properties within will help detoxify the body and effectively digest food.  The ultimate goal is the maximum absorption of nutrients from living foods to maintain balance and increase energy. 

Achieve optimal health by removing toxins.  Learn the secret of how to naturally cleanse your body. While in the process, lose a massive amount of weight and feel rejuvenated.  Look about the site to reveal.


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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

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Improving your Raw Foods Diet with Ionized Water

About Ionized Water                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Based on an article by Alderin Ordell, MA, ionized water can vastly improve your health with the power of natural oxygen, antioxidants and better preservation of nutrients from a raw foods diet.

A water ionizer, he explains, filters the water and electrolyzes the water with electrolysis.  Then, the water can be made either rich in hydrogen or acidic, depending on the setting.  One has control over the pH.

Plants will thrive with water from an acidic setting. The water is rich in acidic minerals like nitrates. Plus, harmful fungus and bacteria that plague plants can be killed.

Regarding drinking water, he claims that ionized water is better than bottled water because it is more alkaline. More acidic drinking water breaks down nutrients. Health problems like arthritis and high blood pressure are caused by oxidation and can cause cancer cells to grow. An important aspect of alkaline water is that it mimics the quality of water in natural streams, rich in minerals and antioxidants. Bottled water tends to lose energy, when the water molecules spread out potentially becoming contaminated with chemicals.

According to Alderin Ordell, MA, our bodies are restored and energized with a water ionizer. Water molecules are clustered to effectively hydrate our cells. The H+ level is raised to alkaline neutralizing stored acid and free radicals.  Hydroxyl ions are supplied for detoxification. The water ionizer helps one to achieve optimal health along with the benefits of a  raw foods diet. 


Ionized water

Is There A Food Better Than Fruit?


According to Frederic Patenaude, our instincts draw us to fuit which is naturally sweet and delicious. Ripe and juicy, fruits are a delight to the senses. While grains, legumes and dairy were first cultivated in the past 10,000 years, studies through anthropology have revealed that fruit has been a dietary choice for over a hundred thousand years.

He further provides the benefits of eating fruit:

* Natural sugar for energy.
* The best source of vitamins in any food.
* Antioxidant power
* Easy to digest due to digestive enzyme power
* Alkaline forming as opposed to the acid-forming meats, grains and processed food
* Abundance of pure water.
* People who eat lots of beautiful fruit live longer per a study published in the British Medical Journal (September 2001). 
* Fruit contains fiber, which is necessary for optimum digestion.

Paternaude also recognizes that fruit doesn't combine well with other foods because fruit contains simple sugars that do not need to be digested. They will not remain in the stomach for an extended period as will foods rich in fat, protein and starch. Thus, eat fruit before a meal so it does not ferment and produce acidity. This practice has been advocated by natural hygienists.

Below are some calories of fruit which have the antioxidant power of vitamins A, C and E. Also they contain beneficial elements such as  fiber, Vitamin B6,  iron, folate and the minerals of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and folate.

A bowl of cherries (about 50 cherries): 250 calories
1 pint of strawberries (100 calories)
15 apricots (250 calories)
3 mangoes (400 calories)

4 bananas (435 calories)
3 large oranges (250 calories)
2 pomegranates (200 calories)
1 large apple (125 calories)

4 apples (350 calories)
4 large persimmons (475 calories)
2 pears (200 calories)

1 large cantaloupe (285 calories)
1 pound of fresh figs (350 calories)
2 cups of grapes (225 calories)
2 apples (165 calories)

For more information on fruits and their nutritional qualities, consult his book The Sunfood Cuisine.




Why Eat A Raw Food Diet?

Eating a raw food diet will grant one more energy and a surge in overall wellness.

Based on the article by Yuri Elkaim, the reasons for a raw food diet are twofold.  Namely, raw foods are rich in enzymes. These enzymes are necessary for all chemical reactions in the body.  A lot of energy is required in digesting food. The more dead foods you eat, the more the body uses energy in digestion. Evidence of this is felt as fatique. Since a finite number of enzymes exist in the body, the natural enzymes found in fresh fruit and vegetables can provide additional energy. Yuri Elkaim refers to natural raw food enzymes as spark plugs.

He also stresses the importance of the life force of raw foods. They are living foods with an aura of high energy, whereas dead food which is processed or overcooked puts a strain on the body and borrows nutrients and energy from other places..

There are benefits to a raw food diet such as beautiful skin and weight loss. Because of enzymes, high water content and quality nutrients, natural skin care and weight loss are promoted. After eating a raw food diet, one will lose the cravings of dead foods. The enzymes from living foods will breakdown foods and alleviate excess fat stores in the body. The water content will help one feel fuller and naturally hydrated.

Yuri Elkaim is a leader in  holistic nutrition and health.  For weight loss, beautiful skin and overall wellness, learn more about his raw food diet book, Eating for Energy  and get started with a FREE 6-part Energy Secrets e-course.

Raw Food Diet

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