Eating a raw food diet will grant one more energy and a surge in overall wellness.

Based on the article by Yuri Elkaim, the reasons for a raw food diet are twofold.  Namely, raw foods are rich in enzymes. These enzymes are necessary for all chemical reactions in the body.  A lot of energy is required in digesting food. The more dead foods you eat, the more the body uses energy in digestion. Evidence of this is felt as fatique. Since a finite number of enzymes exist in the body, the natural enzymes found in fresh fruit and vegetables can provide additional energy. Yuri Elkaim refers to natural raw food enzymes as spark plugs.

He also stresses the importance of the life force of raw foods. They are living foods with an aura of high energy, whereas dead food which is processed or overcooked puts a strain on the body and borrows nutrients and energy from other places..

There are benefits to a raw food diet such as beautiful skin and weight loss. Because of enzymes, high water content and quality nutrients, natural skin care and weight loss are promoted. After eating a raw food diet, one will lose the cravings of dead foods. The enzymes from living foods will breakdown foods and alleviate excess fat stores in the body. The water content will help one feel fuller and naturally hydrated.

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Raw Food Diet