Burn Belly Fat – Both Visceral and Subcutaneous  

Healthy smoothies help our bodies maintain an optimum weight and burn belly fat. Excess pounds especially around the abdomen is a cause for concern. Subcutaneous fat which lies beneath the dermis or skin is unsightly. This fat can be quite apparent in the hips, thighs and vicinity of the belly button.

However, the more dangerous fat is visceral and remains unseen. Aside from disrupting hormonal function, studies have shown that visceral fat which surrounds the internal organs produce inflammatory molecules. These in turn can damage organs and lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

The metabolically active visceral fat releases fatty acids. Over time, the liver may have trouble processing too many toxic elements. Soon, cholesterol known as LDL (low-density lipoproteins) released into the blood circulation will block the flow of blood to major organs. This constriction occurs when LDL forms plaque on the arterial walls. To discourage an overload of toxic activity, one must burn belly fat.

A certain level of visceral fat is necessary to cushion and protect the internal organs. Healthy smoothies support the nutritional aspect of lowering visceral fat to an optimal level. In general, fruit and vegetables are made of complex carbohydrates which help maintain blood sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates are made of 3 or more sugar molecules linked together. The body's processing of sugar needs to remain in balance by regulating insulin and glucagon. Complex carbohydrates allow a steady release of energy which stabilizes the energy levels in the body.  An imbalance can result in an increase in fat.

To burn belly fat, try one of these healthy smoothies rich in complex carbohydrates and nutrients:
- 2 Kiwis
- 1 Pear
- 1/2 Cup Spinach
- 1/2 Cup Filtered Water
This green smoothie is loaded with fiber, a complex carbohydrate, antioxidants and phytochemicals.  Not only will it help regulate blood sugar from the cycle of spiking and dropping, but it will provide many nutrients.

Certain Fruits In Healthy Smoothies Burn Belly Fat

healthy smoothies burn belly fat image of kiwi

For example, the chlorogenic acid present in kiwis is a polyphenol known for its free radical fighting and anticarcinogenic properties. Chlorogenic acid will burn belly fat by inhibiting fat absorption.
Pears are a good source of soluble fiber which dissolves in water. Recent and on-going studies have shown the correlation between soluble fiber and a decrease in abdominal fat deposits.
The dietary calcium of spinach also helps in an interesting way.  Calcium found in stored fat cells is said to regulate the storage and break down of fat.  Higher levels of calcium burn more fat. 

healthy smoothies to burn belly fat include fruits such as the image of a pearThis healthy smoothie recipe contains a high quantity of Vitamin C to help burn belly fat. Specifically, Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is a cofactor in the biosynthesis of carnitine – a molecule necessary to burn belly fat as energy.

Filtering the water in healthy smoothies is critical to flush toxins out of the system.  Unfiltered water may contain contaminants such as xenoestrogens that interfere with hormonal function and impedes fat loss in the abdominal area.


Other ways to help rid the body of excessive visceral fat is through moderate exercise and sleep.  Engaging in exercise will promote good blood circulation for the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells. During a restful sleep, the body heals naturally. Theories surrounding sleep deprivation link higher levels of ghrelin (a hormone which increases hunger) to a reduction in the level of fat oxidation. There is a build up of lipids in visceral fatty tissues.

Healthy smoothies are a delicious way to burn belly fat – both visceral and subcutaneous. 

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